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BDSM furniture manufacturer from Europe. Strong furniture - European production

The combination of the industrial character of the design and careful workmanship will allow you to create a unique character of the bedroom, while ensuring a comfortable rest. The strong construction will allow you to carry out all BDSM practices without fear.
The whole thing is made of the highest quality steel with attention to every detail to diversify the time of play. ou can see and order our latest projects and bdsm furniture by clicking below.

Luxurious bed

Choose colors

The frame of our LUXURY BED - BIG ONE 180 bed is available in several colors, so that the whole can be properly adapted to the character of your interior. Go for vivid colors or choose classic, modern black.

Perfect for erotic

Guarantee of
structural stability


Furniture for your

Elegant, fashionable and functional

As a manufacturer of erotic furniture, we make every effort to ensure that our products are prepared with the greatest attention to detail.

Luxury BDSM furniture

All the fantasies that have been impossible so far will be at hand. Get to the top of your fantasy and be surrendered to or subjected to your sexual thoughts.

Look. Touch it. Feel it.