LUXURY BED – BIG ONE 200 cm x 180 cm

LUXURY BED - BIG ONE is distinguished by a stable, steel structure, making it the perfect piece of furniture for fans of even the most sophisticated erotic games.

A few words
about the product

The design of the bed was as important to us as functionality. The combination of the industrial character of the design and careful workmanship will allow you to create a unique character of the bedroom, while ensuring a comfortable rest thanks to its size. The design enables the realization of the most daring BDSM fantasy lovers. Each arm has specially muffled handles that allow you to restrain your partner. The construction of the socket for the decking or frame has also been soundproofed. In the middle of the bed, additional gummed legs are used to strengthen the structure and minimize possible scratching of the surface. LUXURY BED - BIG ONE 180 will prove itself not only in a home bedroom, but also perfectly fit into the style and needs of apartments and hotels.

A hotel bed is one of the most important pieces of equipment in an apartment or hotel room. A strong, durable bed gives your guests a sense of comfort. This is how this project was created, which is a response to the inquiries of apartment owners, in which beds and frames were the most frequently exchanged elements of equipment. Repairing a bed or frame takes a lot of time and disables the rental of the apartment, making the business less profitable. An additional argument in favor of installing our bed is the fact that our bed enriches the offer and adds spice during the stay of our guests.

Why is it
worth it?


Technical data


weight: approx 150 kg
height: 209 cm
width: 196 cm
długość: 216 cm
length: 216 cm
assembly time: 1h
the number of persons required for assembly: 2/3
material: steel, powder coating
handles: braided with a string to reduce the need for fastening hooks/chains
included: pine decking (socket prepared for frames available on the market)
place for decking: frame soundproofed with material
3 t-light slots

Basic elements

- The structure of the bed
- The end of the bed legs with rubber inserts included in the price
- 3 headboard sockets included in the price
- Strong pine tree frame included in the price
- Mute the rack
- Mute hooks

Additional elements

- Top tubes with mounting screws
- Top crossbars with screws - Saint Andrew's Cross
- Sockets for tall candles
- Curtains with strings to attach
- Handcuffs with a collar - natural leather
- A pylon for candles, 95 cm high
- Chains with a hook for suspensions and restraints

How to use the bed

A bed with fixings made of stainless steel is a perfect combination of functionality, durability and aesthetics. Our bed has been carefully designed to provide users not only with comfortable sleep, but also with the ability to use it in a variety of ways while playing.The stainless steel from which our bed is made is characterized by exceptional resistance and durability, which makes it an ideal material for the production of furniture adapted to specific love practices. The mountings and structure of the bed have been designed to ensure stability and safety of use with varying intensity for many, many years. It should be added here that by selecting appropriate profile cross-sections and precise laser cutting, resting or playing on the bed is free from uncomfortable sounds coming from the operation of steel structures.Additional fasteners located on the bed allow you to attach various accessories, such as handcuffs with a collar, curtains or chains with a hook.Thanks to this, the bed becomes not only a place to rest, but also a functional piece of furniture that can be adapted to the user's individual sexual needs and preferences, including bondage or BDSM practices, which include, among others: masochism, sadism, domination, discipline, submission or bondage.Both in bedrooms and in commercial and hotel rooms, our bed with fixings is not only a practical but also a designer solution.